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Identifying Alvin Bragg. A Career Of Grit, Fortitude, And Standing Up For What’s Right

Alvin L. Bragg, Jr. was just elected as Manhattan’s 37th District Attorney. Alvin, a native of Harlem who has worked as a federal and state prosecutor.

Has spent over twenty years advocating for reforms to the criminal justice system that will make our neighbourhoods and cities safer. He makes history as the city of Manhattan’s first African-American district attorney.

Alvin reorganised the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to prioritise the prosecution of serious violent crimes, the support of victims, the reduction of recidivism by tackling the fundamental causes of criminal behaviour.

The protection of ordinary New Yorkers from the abuses of the powerful, and the overturning of wrongful convictions. Alvin also has direct control over an anti-corruption squad.

Doing Work That Speaks Volumes

Thus far, his leadership has resulted in an increase in firearm prosecutions, an emphasis on gun trafficking and phantom gun makers, and the charging and conviction of several individuals for crimes involving firearms, such as muggings, shootings, and murders.

The agency also put money into community-based services for victims and witnesses of gun violence to help them recover from the trauma they experienced.

A new Special Victim Division was set up by Alvin, which incorporates the former Domestic Violence, Sexual Offences, Human Smuggling, Child Abuse, and Family Violence Sections.

The Division employs attorneys, detectives, analysts, and social services with specialised training in trauma-informed and survivor-centered approaches to these complex cases.

Alvin’s dedication to victim advocacy has led to improvements in the Eyewitness Aid Services Unit, where counsellors and social workers now have more tools at their disposal to assist victims, witnesses, and their loved ones.

Alvin also increased the size of the Racial Discrimination Unit by hiring more lawyers, police officers, analysts, victim advocates, and community outreach coordinators.

The Unit is working on an all-time high number of high-profile cases, and it is also engaging in extensive outreach to increase trust and reporting such hate crimes.

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Everyone Receives Equal Treatment In A Just Society

Alvin established the Paths to Public Security Division because he realised that people’s criminal actions were often motivated by needs that could not be remedied alone by incarceration.

To reduce recidivism and increase public safety in Manhattan, Pathways ADAs conduct early screenings and assessments of all cases to determine eligibility for diversion into proof programming.

Such as mental wellness and substance use care, cognitive behavioural therapy, schooling, and job training.

If diversion is the best option, then programmes are designed specifically for the person to meet their requirements and help them reenter society without incident.

Alvin is a veteran prosecutor who specialises in white-collar crimes and is committed to bringing those responsible to justice for their harm to ordinary New Yorkers.

In conjunction with a year-long fundraiser operation that generated more than $15 million from hundreds of donors around the country on the back of fraudulent promises, he obtained a 6-count indictment of Stephen K. Bannon & WeBuildTheWall, Inc., an Orlando not-for-profit business.

He also successfully prosecuted and got the 15 criminal counts against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg related to a decades-long tax fraud conspiracy.

To combat widespread fraud and renter harassment by landlords and developers, he established a special Housing and Tenants Protection Unit. And he will pursue legal action against exploitative businesses that put their employees in harm’s way.

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Help The Helpless And Correct Wrongs

Alvin agrees with the need to hold law enforcement and prosecutors to the best standard in order to increase public confidence in the justice system.

In order to reexamine cold cases in which there are legitimate claims of innocence or wrongful conviction, he reorganised the Post-Conviction Justice Unit.

He also established an independent Police Reform Unit to look into and, if necessary, prosecute police officers who commit crimes while on duty. Both departments are autonomous from one another and answer directly to the district attorney.

Alvin was an Assistant Solicitor General for the State of New York and an Assistant United States Prosecutor for the Southern New York District Court before being elected District Attorney.

In these capacities, Alvin dealt with a wide variety of criminal matters, such as armed robbery, assault, possession of a firearm, tampering with a witness, trafficking in illegal drugs and firearms, violations of wage and hour laws, public corruption, black money, and antitrust offences.

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Eruptionally Destroying Corrupt Systems

During his time as Chief Assistant Attorney General, he oversaw criminal and civil research and litigation involving issues such as healthcare fraud, public corruption, drug smuggling, wage and hour investigations, tenant bullying, and securities fraud. His budget for the office was $225 million.

Alvin became the initial Chief of the a special unit that examined deaths are caused by police behaviour and managed the Attorney General’s litigation against by the Trump Foundation.

Alvin served as a Visiting Law Professor and Co-Director of a Civil Right Initiative at Nyc Law Degree during his time in government. As such, he spearheaded the legal effort on behalf of Eric Garner’s family to obtain information about their son’s death from the New York City Police Department.

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Before becoming a judge, Alvin worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Robert Patterson, Jr. inside the Southern New York District Court after receiving his A.B. and J.D. from Harvard University. Alvin has taught Sunday school and served on the boards of the Nyc Urban Association and the Lawyers’ Organization for Civil Rights With Law in the past.

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