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Guy Arrested In A New York City Apartment With Drugs And Ghost Weapons.

After a police search on their Manhattan residence on Wednesday, where they found evidence of drugs manufacturing and the presence of “ghost weapons,” Julia Fox’s father and brother were arrested, according to law enforcement sources.

As part of a broader ghost gun investigation, police reportedly came upon the upper eastern side home of Chris and Thomas Fox at around 6 a.m., according to The Post’s sources.

Ghost firearms, which lack a serial number and are instead sold in pieces, were found by the investigators, as were 3D-printed components including lower receivers.

The police were able to recover 3D printers and some of the polymer used to make them.

A pill press, pressure cookers, morphine, chloroform, morphine, propane, formaldehyde, and other ingredients commonly used to build explosives were also discovered, as were some unidentified pills, as were some materials commonly used to make explosives.

Do We Have To Take This Seriously?

The sources added that among the illegal goods were thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive wine bottles.

During the raid on 84th Street, both of the “Uncut Gems” star’s family were brought into arrest. According to our sources, they are currently being investigated for possible criminal charges.

The NYPD has stated that two unidentified people were brought into custody after a search warrant was conducted at the apartment complex where Christopher & Thomas Fox resided.

The New York Police Department’s Ghost Gun Team “seized many ghost gun parts and equipment for crushing narcotics pills,” the department stated in a statement. “Team members also located explosives components, including bombs made from pressure cookers and different chemicals that can also be used in the manufacturing of narcotics,” they wrote.

The cops dispatched expert teams, who ultimately concluded that the compounds posed no threat.

The issue is considered to be limited at this time, and there is no evidence linking it to terrorism, the official said.

Both illegal firearms made in traditional factories and the growing quantity of untraceable but fully functional weapons known as ghost guns are targets of the NYPD’s unrelenting anti-gun crusade.

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There Is No Record Of Criminal Activity For Either Thomas Or Christopher

According to the source, the two possessed a “inordinate amount of goods” for persons who had not been on police radar before.

The actress & model has previously discussed her upbringing in the city alongside her father and brother, both of whom she claimed to have had limited contact with.

For Julia, her brother fits the stereotype of a reclusive mad scientist: she described him as such during an interview.

His hobby is making 3D printers.His relatives told The Post that he was the “crazy scientist” sort who enjoyed experimenting, but that he was actually a nice guy who “wouldn’t kill a fly” and was more reserved than the average person.

Online purchases made to the location that seemed odd were what tipped off investigators, the insider claimed.

Men dressed in Hazmat suits were seen entering and exiting the apartment complex “all day,” as reported by neighbours to The Post.

After 12 hours following the initial raid, the last of the cops left carrying a box of documents and cables.

There is speculation that Julia did not know about her family’s alleged offences because she was not in New York at the time of the raid.

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When Contacted By The Post, She Did Not Answer Questions On The Arrests

The police wouldn’t confirm or deny if Mr. Fox had remained in detention. A representative for the Nyc district attorney’s office stated that he would soon be arraigned.

Mr. Fox is accused of many things, one of which is illegally possessing a handgun. On Wednesday, police announced they detained a second suspect who will not be formally charged.

The authorities have refused to comment on the widespread reports that this man was the father of the Fox children.

Data from the New York State Police reveals a consistent rise in the total amount of “ghost weapons” captured by police in recent years, from 263 in 2021 to 463 in 2018.

This represents an increase of over 76%. A spokeswoman for the police department stated that so far this year, the department has recovered 36 ghost weapons.

The Department of Justice stated in a press release that it would “continue to fight vigorously” against illicit guns, including the “increasingly prevalent” “ghost guns,” which it defined as “illegal, untraceable but fully working weapons.”

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Using a state legislation that was passed to make the gun business accountable for shootings, state and city authorities in June 2022 filed two lawsuits to block the spread of ghost firearms.

The lawsuits claimed that the state’s problematic gun violence crisis was exacerbated by the unregulated unlawful sales of firearms components.

Attorney General Loretta James announced on Thursday that she had successfully blocked the sale and shipment of “essential components” of “ghost firearms” to customers in New York by 10 national gun wholesalers.

Brownells Inc. is one of the defendants mentioned because it offers a kit to assemble an AR-15, a powerful military-style rifle used in numerous mass shootings in the United States, notably those at elementary schools in Newtown, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida.

Annual incidence for Firearm Safety, a group working to reduce gun violence, claims that these firearms can be fabricated in less an hour using common household items.

Ms. James added that “ghost firearms and easy to manufacture ghost gun kits” were to blame for widespread bloodshed and destruction across the state, and that her office will keep working to enforce.

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Police said they also detained Christopher Fox, 30, who was living in the apartment, on many drug and weapon offences, including the manufacturing of a machine gun.

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