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What’s Maddie’s Sexuality? How Did She Feel About Being A Lesbian?

In the Netflix original series “Outer Banks,” Madison Bailey is the breakout star as Kiara Carrera.

She made her acting debut in a supporting role on the 2015 season of the NBC drama “Constantine.” Her birthday is January 29, 1999, and she was born in North Carolina, USA.

Bailey has since appeared in a number of other TV shows and movies, such as “Black Lightning,” “Creepshow,” and “Murder Chose Me.”

The role she played in “Outer Banks” was her first major one, and it earned her both critical and commercial success. Bailey isn’t just an actress; she’s also an advocate for body positivity, mental health, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Madison Bailey’s Past And Progeny

Bailey was adopted as a baby and raised by a family in Charleston, South Carolina. She was born in Kernersville. She has 3 sisters and three siblings and it is of Italian as well as African ancestry. After the death of his adopted mother in 2018, she with her two sisters decided to get tattoos in her honour.

Bailey went to school in Kernersville, North Carolina, at East Forsyth High. Bailey’s borderline personality disorder was first identified when she was 18 years old.

Being the child of a military family, Madison Bailey spent her formative years in many locations, including Virginia, Spain, and Maryland. Bailey has been forthright about her sexual orientation, stating that she is pansexual.

Both Bailey and Mariah Linney, an athlete and model, have been very public about their relationship since it began in 2020. In addition to being an outspoken supporter of the cause.

Bailey has also shared her own story of overcoming anxiety and depression. She maintains an online presence, where she advocates for healthy body image and self-acceptance.

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Bailey, Madison Profession And Life

After experiencing severe anxiety while singing in front of an audience, Bailey switched her focus from singing towards acting and modelling when she was 15 years old.

Bailey debuted as an actress in 2015, and she has since been in episodes of shows including Mr. Mercedes and Constantine.

Bailey was cast as Wendy Hernandez in the 2018 season premiere and subsequent seasons of The CW’s Black Lightning, a science fiction television series.

Teenage Wendy Ramirez is a metahuman with the power to shape and direct the flow of air. Since the year 2020, she has portrayed Kiara “Key” Carrera on the Netflix mystery drama series Outer Banks. Her most recent interview is also available to view.

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How About Madison Bailey? Is She A Lesbian?

Madison Bailey, star of Outer Banks, recently “came out” as pansexual, as reported by E! News, and has been gradually sharing more personal details about her life.

Despite knowing there is a lot of hostility and insufficient support from many people, I feel absolutely no shame and am not embarrassed in the slightest. As Bailey put it, “I know numerous instances of Gay folks who aren’t supportive.”

But if you ask me, that’s just what I’ve seen. There was no regret. I’m relieved to be able to be so forthright. It’s a nice feeling. Madison Bailey has openly supported her admirers in their exploration of their own sexuality.

Say it loud and proud if you’re gay. “It’s definitely worth it,” she proclaimed. To me, they are just as real as unicorns. Madison Bailey, contrary to popular belief, is not a lesbian.

She expressed her delight at being out and her lack of shame in her sexual orientation during a live Instagram broadcast. She added that she is free of guilt, happier and more carefree than ever before, and able to speak her mind without fear of repercussions.

She also encouraged the LGBTQ community to come out and be proud of who they are. She also believes that most people experience sexual identity shifts as they mature.

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Is There A Man In Madison Bailey’s Life?

Madison Bailey, star of Outer Banks, and his girlfriend Mariah Linney have been together since 2020 and are clearly very happy. Both partners have matching tattoos on their forearms. Madison also frequently updates her Instagram with pictures of them.

However, Bailey has been reticent to discuss her romantic history on camera. Thus, we are still in the dark about her past relationships.

Madison expressed her feelings for Linney in a TikTok video. She repeatedly insists, “I’m not falling,” throughout the video. Okay, I’m falling,” she says at the video’s conclusion before giving a hug to Linney.

She recently accepted her pansexuality and declared her love for Mariah Linney. Bailey has not only been forthright about her personal life, but also her exploration of sexual identity. She gave birth at age 18 but continued to have feelings for males.

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Consequently, she thought she was bisexual until she dated a trans guy she’d met on the set of a production and realised how much she actually liked and supported her gay fans. No, she’s not gay, honest. There’s been talk about her.

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