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VCU Students Walk Out of Graduation Ceremony in Protest of Governor Youngkin

Virginia Commonwealth University’s 2024 graduation ceremony wasn’t without its share of drama. Dozens of graduating students staged a walkout in protest of the commencement speaker, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The reasons for the student discontent were multifaceted. Some objected to Youngkin’s stance on racial and gender issues, while others were critical of his handling of recent protests on campus concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict. The use of force by law enforcement in breaking up those protests was a particular point of contention.

The protest began subtly. The student singing the national anthem donned a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian solidarity, hinting at the dissatisfaction to come.

As Youngkin took the stage to deliver the commencement address, a wave of students exited the ceremony hall to cheers from a supportive portion of the audience.

Outside, the walkout participants held signs and chanted slogans criticizing Youngkin’s policies and leadership. They expressed a desire for a more inclusive and equitable university environment.

The walkout served as a stark reminder of the ongoing political and social divides within the United States, even spilling over into momentous occasions like graduation ceremonies. It highlighted the importance of student activism and the willingness to challenge authority when they feel their voices are unheard.

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