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Could It Be That Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian? Taylor Swift’s Homosexualization!

Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, was released on July 24, but despite the short lead time, it became a cultural lightning rod almost instantly.

High-quality songs and a change from the all-encompassing self-absorption of Swift’s prior albums both contribute to the album’s interest. Fans and pundits alike have hailed Folklore as a career highlight for Taylor Swift.

Rather of focusing on her personal experiences and feelings in her lyrics, Swift instead chose to shift the attention to those of others, resulting in an album that is heavily centred on third-party narratives.

Thus, the most heated speculation and discussion about Swift centres on the album’s songs about other people. The vast majority of the album’s narratives about other people read like Swift’s trademark cryptic admissions.

The Sapphic Undertones Of Tay’s Songs Have Long Been Intertwined With Rumours About Her Personal Life


Traditional markers, such as rumours, politics, and hidden meanings, all play a role in the gender fluidity of Taylor Swift.

You might be a Taylor Swift lover, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen all the internet speculation about the singer being bisexual. The widespread fan theory that Swift was previously involved with her renowned best friend, the model Karlie Kloss, is a major contributor.

The women’s collective ship, which goes by the name Kaylor, is an epic one, and the blind alley of Kaylor “proof” is suitably thrilling. The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a sapphic wet dream.

Where the two apparently became friends after initially connecting on social media. Fans often highlight a behind-the-scenes photo from that night in which Taylor appears to be staring at Karlie in wonder.

Sarah Dickson assured me that she and Kaylor “at least had a fling,” and I believe her. After Swift’s blockbuster album 1989 in 2014, with its strong “gay vibe,” Dickson became a fan.

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She soon found herself deep in the online abyss, speculating over which 1989 songs might have been about Kaylor. Like they did with all of Swift’s (heterosexual) relationships, Swift fans have poured reams of time into deciphering the many purported references to Karlie in Taylor’s music.

There is a 37-page PowerPoint presentation dedicated to the prospective appearances of Kaylor just on album Reputation. Additionally, there is a plethora of “evidence” to support the idea that the two buddies may have crossed over into romantic territory.

Whether or not they would have referred to themselves as girlfriends is something Dickson and I discussed. Yet, “it seemed to go far beyond being a really strong friendship.”

Kaylor has grown distant after years of a close but public friendship. Swift did not attend either of Kloss’s marriage ceremonies in 2018 or 2019, and in 2019 there was speculation that Kloss had taken the side of Swift’s longtime enemy.

Mega-producer and recognised Swift villain Scooter Braun, in their ongoing fight over the ownership of Swift’s old master recordings.

You could also argue that reducing Kaylor’s friendship with her best friend, a girl she’s known since kindergarten, to the level of a romantic relationship is demeaning.

In terms of Swift and Kloss’ sexuality, Dickson said, “the thing that Really have the most issue with is the fact that I don’t want to put this notion” on individuals he doesn’t know.

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Adding To Her Gay Appeal, Swift Is Becoming Increasingly Politically Active

Swift’s political views were previously shrouded in mystery, mirroring her general superstar persona. Due of her roots in country music, many have thought that Swift is politically conservative. She became a symbol of white supremacy after she refused to publicly support Hillary Clinton or participate in the 2016 election.

Swift later explained her silence by saying she didn’t want to endorse either candidate because she felt it would hurt Clinton more than help her.

Swift gave two reasons for not openly supporting Clinton: Trump’s anti-celebrity populism and her own image as a “snake” in the wake of Kim Kardashian West’s July 2016 leak of a taped phone call that appeared to cast Swift as just a manipulative person. (In March of 2020, that same recording was reinterpreted in Swift’s favour.)

After Trump’s election victory in 2016, Swift made the decision to use her celebrity to effect positive social change.

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When she asked supporters in their home state of Tn not to support for the stridently homosexual senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in 2018, she received a firestorm of criticism.

Blackburn still won, though, illustrating Taylor’s thesis that voters resented and turned against her. Swift appeared to indicate that her sudden political involvement was real and personal in a clip from the upcoming documentary Miss Americana in which she fought with her crew over her wish to say a little about Blackburn while in tears.

Swift has always been a quiet supporter of equality, despite her reluctance to speak out publicly on political issues.

According to Abby Aguirre, who wrote a cover story for Vogue in September 2019 about the singer, she has been open about her acceptance of homosexual partnerships in her videos and songs since at least 2010.

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Unfortunately for the LGBT community in the United States, none of this moves Taylor Swift any closer to coming out as gay and redoing all of her music with gender-swapped imagery. While Swift’s storytelling has improved, it has also regressed at times when it became too straight, and her allegiance has been questionable at best.

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