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Seven-Year-Old Boy Recovered After Days-Long Search In The Heart Of Los Angeles

Authorities in Central Los Angeles’ Arlington Heights neighbourhood revealed Wednesday afternoon that they had located a missing 7-year-old kid.

Derek Clay, age 14, was last seen on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. playing in the patio of the apartment building he shares with his maternal grandfather and natural brother in the area bounded by Crenshaw and Pico boulevards.

Derek, whose is on a spring break and usually plays in the garden alone himself, did not come home at his usual time and went missing at 10 o’clock that night.

Overnight, LAPD investigators utilised bloodhounds in their search, but they came up empty. The youngster was found walking around 5th and San Pedro in downtown Los Angeles at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, and the police department made an announcement about it.

Los Angeles Is Missed A Missing Child Of 7 Years Old Has Been Located In Downtown Los Angeles

After being reported missing on Tuesday night, Derek Clay was located unharmed in Downtown LA on Wednesday.

No criminal activity is suspected, although it is unknown how the kid got downtown. The child was discovered some six kilometers away from his residence in the Skid Row area.

The first to report that Derek were safe and in the hands of LAPD was Fox 11 News, which was contacted by the boy’s custodial parent, Donald Lewis, whom Derek calls grandpa.

Surprisingly, the LAPD notified the media before notifying the grandpa of the missing youngster.

The boys’ mother, he said, had come and gone from their lives. In October, she lost her right to visitation with Derek, and Lewis took over his care.

Officers tracked down the mother and had a conversation with her, but it’s not apparent if she had any idea where her son was.

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Police In Los Angeles Looking For Lost 7-Year-Old Kid

The Los Angeles Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in locating 7-year-old Derek Clay, and she was discovered missing at 10 p.m. Tuesday after he was last seen in the outdoor area of an Arlington Heights apartment complex.

The Crenshaw Boulevard area near the 1100 block is where Clay’s family believes they last saw him on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Clay stands at 5’10”, has a weight of 130 lbs, and was last seen donning a grey t-shirt, black trousers and blue shoes.

His grandfather, with whom he and his adolescent brother have been living, filed a missing person’s report for Clay. About six months ago, Clay moved in with his grandfather.

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Incredulous and dumbfounded, Donald Lewis, the youngster’s grandfather, expressed his feelings. The guy just won’t leave. I mean, he does leave, but he’s never been gone this long before.

The grandfather reportedly spent many hours looking for the youngster before calling the LAPD for help.

A witness has speculated that the boy’s non-custodial mother had abducted him. Nelson Umana told the grandfather that he saw the boy’s mother with him a few days earlier.

I’m assuming, and hoping, that his mother took him,” Umana said. Even though she doesn’t have Derek in her custody, I saw her a few days ago.

He was going to walk down the street to visit her. As he approached her, I assured him that I would be telling his grandfather. And so he did return.

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Please assist her. Providing shelter for her is a priority. Getting her employed is a priority. I believe that she has the backing of either a man or her family, and she needs both.

The LAPD claims to have reached the mother who gave birth and be in communication with her in an effort to track him down.

Clay’s older brother, who is also a teenager, is assisting the police.

Urmana has always thought of Clay as a bright and entertaining young man. He showed everyone a dance clip of Clay.

The LAPD has asked nearby residents about the missing youngster and has even deployed bloodhound dogs in their search.

There is no indication that Clay is attempting to flee, and no obvious signs of wrongdoing have been discovered.

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The youngster was located in “good health” and was going to be reunited with his family, according to a tweet posted by police on Wednesday afternoon. He was located in central Los Angeles, which is roughly 5 miles east of Arlington. There are no signs of foul play, and his family claims he enjoys going for walks and playing outside.

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