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Packgod Face Reveal: The Truth Has Reveled

Packgod, aka a void and Voydage, is a famous American YouTuber and rapper who is well known for his diss recordings, in which he has ridiculed nearly every other famous YouTuber.

Packgod’s public and romantic identities were unmasked after he launched the Packgod channel in response to tensions with Leg.

Packgod’s diss tunes have poked fun at nearly every popular YouTuber. So popular have been his diss tracks against Jake Paul that even KSI has weighed in on the video.

With almost 395K members at the time of this issue’s publication, his 2D channel, Packgod, is hardly in the depths of space. He and his business partner, Leg, had some issues, and he felt obligated to launch a competing channel as a result.

He’s gained a lot of influence and notoriety by trashing other creators, and they’ve taken notice. His prominence may be reflected in the number of people that subscribe to his main channel, void, where he updates once or twice a month: around 431K.

What Actually Happened?

At first, packgod and void were utilised in the process of operating the void channel. Both of them were able to use the channel given that they had an equal amount of investment in the line.

In addition, there was a Discord server, and both it and the associated Spotify account were both set to a number that was even lower than void.

But, in the beginning of this year, Leg made a baseless accusation that Packgod was a paedophile, kicked him out of his Discord server, and prevented him from accessing the Void channel on Spotify and the Void channel on YouTube.

What Actually Happened?

Leg did so without being provoked, and he has since released films purporting to “expose” Packgod. Yet, it is evident to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the situation that Packgod is correct, but he has nonetheless lost the entire fight.

Packgod attempted to get in touch with Leg to find out what was going on, but Leg completely blocked him and did not allow him to communicate with him about the issue.

As a result of this, Leg has stated that he does not want to be a companion with Packgod while he continues to make movies about Packgod.

He has also directed movies at Leg, in which he effectively begs the question, “Why did you go public with this instead of just talking to me about it?” in these movies.

He asserts that Leg is only behaving in this manner to avoid having to share the void channel with Packgod, and that this is the only reason for Leg’s actions. Leg used racial and paedophile comments directed towards Packgod rather than attempting to negotiate a resolution to their dispute.

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The Truth Of Packgod’s Face Revel

Later on, it was found out that Leg had been behaving in this manner with the intention of selling the channel to a Roblox gaming website for the sum of $15,000, which he would then keep for himself in its whole.

Following their initial encounters on separate packing servers on Discord, Packgod and Leg quickly became good friends. The term “packing” refers to the phase in which members of Discord begin to rap and roast one another.

The Truth Of Packgod's Face Revel

In his movie about Packgod, Leg made the allegation that he was on the packing servers before Packgod and that he created the empty channel in order to capture all of the content that was being packed.

Leg and Packgod first became acquainted on the servers, and Packgod signed up for the game not long after. They were both in charge of the void channel.

Packgod refers to Leg as his friend, and the two of them work together on Leg’s channel. Because of the consequences, the two are no longer best friends on speak-easy terms, and Packgod may pursue legal action against them.

Who Is This Packgod? Elias Lichten is God. Speedrungod69 published his personal information on YouTube, including his email address and phone number. This was said by Packgod in the Leg Diss Track he released on September 15, 2022.

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In the video, he claims that Leg disclosed all of his information and that Packgod penned the majority of the diss recordings and raps that were uploaded to the Void Channel.

After that, Packgod published a diss track on Leg, in which he disclosed all of this information and threatened to put the former collaborator behind bars.

Leg has not produced any diss recordings; instead, he pokes fun at Packgod by making rant-style videos on YouTube, complete with backgrounds of people gaming.

He has three videos that are related to Packgod. The Truth About Packgod was published on his website on August 26, 2022.

The Truth Of Packgod's Face Revel

The 31-minute video was legally obtained, and as a result, a lot of people incorrectly concluded that the two had a fight and that they were upset and broken up over it.

344K views and 16K likes On September 5, 2022, he published a rebuttal to the video that Packgod had made concerning the situation with Leg’s conduct.

This video has received 6.1 thousand likes and 178 thousand views so far. As can be observed, both the number of views and the number of likes are going in the wrong direction, and the gap is getting wider.

His most recent video, which was released on October 2, 2022, has had over 155 thousand views and over 5.4 thousand likes. This video is one of a kind due to the fact that he has disabled commenting.

Since that time, he has not published any new videos or written anything on the community page that he maintains.

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