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NYPD: Suspect Stabs Him Many Times When He Says He Does Not Have His Wallet

On April 5, according to the police, a guy in East Manhattan who was 55 years old was stabbed during the course of a failed robbery attempt.

The suspect approaching the victim, who was making his way near the intersection of Hudson Boulevard and Van Siclen Avenue, and demanded for the wallet he was carrying, reported to the NYPD. The perpetrator, who was 55 years old, was strolling at the time.

After the victim, who was 55 years old and informed the individual in question that he did not possess a wallet in his possession, the perpetrator slashed him many times before fleeing the scene.

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As according to police, the individual in question was approached at around 2:30 within the morning on April 5 in the neighbourhood of East New York, which is located at the intersection of Fulton Street with Van Siclen Avenue.

The guy was asked by his attacker for the wallet he was carrying, and when the unfortunate individual responded that he did not have any money on him, the attacker stabbing him a total of five times in the torso.

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The unfortunate individual was transported to Brookdale the Hospital, from where he is now being treated for his injuries and is in no immediate danger. At this time, there is no information available on the location of the accused.

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