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NYC Watchdog Probes NYPD’s Social Media Practices

New York City’s Department of Investigation (DOI) has launched a probe into allegations of improper social media use by the NYPD. The investigation comes after complaints from City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and the Legal Aid Society.

Concerns Over Targeting and Tone

The complaints center on accusations that the NYPD has used its official social media accounts to inappropriately target public officials and private citizens.

Critics allege the department has used these platforms for more than just public information, potentially crossing a line into unprofessional or unethical behavior.

Specific concerns include the NYPD’s social media activity targeting:

  • Public officials who have criticized the department
  • Private citizens involved in protests

The Legal Aid Society has additionally raised concerns about the general tone of the NYPD’s social media presence, suggesting it may be unprofessional and undermine public trust.

Investigation Focus

The DOI will be examining the NYPD’s social media practices in light of these complaints. Their investigation will focus on:

  • The content of recent social media posts by the NYPD
  • The department’s social media policies and guidelines
  • Whether these practices comply with applicable city policies

The probe will likely involve reviewing specific social media posts, internal NYPD communications, and potentially interviewing relevant personnel.

Unclear Timeline and Next Steps

The DOI has not yet commented on a timeline for the investigation. The results of the probe could lead to a variety of potential outcomes, including:

  • Recommendations for changes to the NYPD’s social media policies
  • Disciplinary action against officers found to be in violation of existing policies

The investigation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the DOI will ultimately assess the NYPD’s social media practices.

NYPD Defends Tactics, Mayor Seeks Balance

The NYPD has pushed back on the complaints, defending its social media strategy. Department spokesperson Tarik Sheppard reiterated the department’s stance in February, stating their goal is to “push back on misinformation” circulating online.

However, some, including Mayor Eric Adams, are seeking a more balanced approach. While Mayor Adams has defended the police brass in general, he hasn’t objected to the investigation. A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office indicated a desire for the DOI’s probe to also examine the actions of some politicians who have targeted the NYPD online.

This suggests the Mayor may be aiming for a solution that ensures both the NYPD’s right to respond to criticism and the maintenance of a professional online presence that fosters public trust.

National Spotlight on Social Media and Law Enforcement

The investigation into the NYPD’s social media practices is not happening in isolation. There is a growing national conversation about the appropriate use of social media by law enforcement agencies.

Concerns include:

  • The potential for social media to be used to escalate tensions or inflame public opinion
  • The need for clear departmental policies on social media use by officers
  • The importance of maintaining trust between law enforcement and the community

The outcome of the NYC investigation could have wider implications, potentially serving as a model for other cities grappling with similar issues.

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