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NWS to Survey Storm Damage in Butler, Warren Counties After Tuesday’s Severe Weather

The National Weather Service (NWS) will be conducting storm surveys in Butler and Warren counties today, following reports of severe weather that moved through the area on Tuesday.

NWS teams will be on the ground assessing the extent of the damage caused by the storms. Their primary focus will be to determine if there was tornado activity, analyzing the path of destruction and intensity of the winds. The information gathered will be used to assign a rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Working with Local Officials

The NWS will be working alongside local emergency management officials in the affected counties. This collaboration will ensure a cohesive effort in responding to the aftermath of the storm and planning recovery measures.

Residents of Butler and Warren counties who sustained property damage due to the storms are encouraged to report it to their local emergency management office. Reporting the damage will help officials acquire a clearer understanding of the impact of the storm and facilitate the allocation of resources for recovery. Residents can also file insurance claims to recoup the costs of repairs or replacements.

The NWS is expected to release updates on their findings throughout the day. Stay tuned for further information.

Possible Tornadoes in Warren County

While the extent of the damage is still being assessed, there have been reports of possible tornadoes touching down in Warren County east of Lebanon. Radar data seems to support these reports, but confirmation will come from the NWS survey teams.

Residents in the affected areas should be cautious of potential hazards like downed power lines, damaged structures, and debris. Report any downed power lines to the utility company immediately, and avoid entering any buildings that appear structurally unsound.

Recovery Efforts Underway

Local emergency management teams are already working on clearing roads and restoring essential services. Residents who require assistance can contact their local authorities or disaster relief organizations.

The coming days will likely see a coordinated effort between local, state, and federal agencies to assist residents with recovery efforts.

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