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Kamisama Kiss Season 2 – A Complete Review!

It’s not easy balancing the roles of human and Land God, but 17-year-old Nanami Monozomo is giving it her all. Despite all, she owe a great deal to the kami Mikage, who bestowed upon her his function and shrine before vanishing.

Nanami inherited Tomoe, a beautiful but haughty fox, along with Mikage’s shrine.however it looks as if they have developed affections for one another as they have gotten to know one other better. Intense sentiments.

And as Tomoe has learned the hard way, a yokai should never allow themselves to fall in a relationship with a human.

It’s Nanami’s moment to prove herself worthy of acceptance when she’s called to the Izumo Shrine’s Divine Assembly, but things don’t go as planned from the get-go.

The Continuing Saga Of The Kamisama Kiss

When Nanami returns home, she finds a little tengu child named Botanmaru who is in critical need of her assistance. A dreadful miasma is growing throughout Mount Kurama, and he believes that only the lost heir can rid the mountain of it.

Soujoubou, the tengu clan patriarch, is in critical condition. However, where is the missing heir? Of course, it turns out that he is really Kurama, one of Nanami’s classmates and a major pop star. But is it possible to convince Kurama to give up his privileged lifestyle and go back to the mountains where he was born?

It would have been easy for this show to fall into the trap of shoujo tropes (instead of handsome humans, there are handsome yokai, kami, and shikigami). Nonetheless, the will they, won’t they?

Nature of Nanami’s relationship with Tomoe, plus the amusing (sometimes horrifying) spectrum of animals and gods throughout Japanese mythology she periodically meets, make this a highly watchable animation.

Beautiful eye candy (which, when done this well, doesn’t seem out of place) and character designs that stay true to the mangaka’s originals make this series aesthetically engaging.Is it because director Akitaro Daichi, who previously worked on Fruits Basket, was also involved for writing and storyboarding several of the episodes?

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Kamisama Kiss, Season 2: English Dub

The US dub screenplay is humorous and, all things considered, a great substitute for the original (even if calling the wind deity Otohiko a “he/she dude” isn’t the most sensitive translation).

Standout performances come from Tia Johnson (Nanami) and Micheal J. Tatum (Tomoe) of the American cast, who both appear to enjoy playing their respective characters.

The original cast, including Tomoe (Shinnosuke Tachibana, Medici in Sekko Boys) and Nanami (Suzuko Mimori, Umi Sonoda in Love Live), are just as believable as ever.

The music, particularly that composed by Toshio Masuda is (Naruto) that works so well to heighten the drama of the supernatural components, is one of the series’ many charms.

Every once in a while, an OP comes along that isn’t only endearing and memorable, but also has cleverly choreographed animation that complements the music wonderfully.

The Kamisama Kiss song “Kamisama no Kamisama (the Lord of God)” is one of the greatest I’ve heard in a long time, performed by Hanae. (Although the comparison to a washing machine is, well, odd.)

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Come Another Day, or the closing song “Ototoi Oide,” shows the main protagonists peacefully reflecting on their loved ones. In Episode 6, the tengu-turned-pop-idol Kurama performs an insert song; again, Sean O’Connor does a fantastic job of singing the song in the dub.

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