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International Paget’s Awareness Day 2023: History, Cause And Responsibility

Paget’s Awareness Day, is a chance to raise the profile of Paget’s Disease of Bone and the 11th of January is the anniversary of the birth of Sir James Paget, whose name was given to the ailment.

Through research, particularly that financed by the Paget’s Association, there has been considerable progress in relieving the consequences of the disorder, but, there is still much to be done. It has been estimated that as few as 7% of persons who have x-ray indications of Paget’s disease actually come to medical attention.

Wouldn’t it be something if we could identify all those suffering in silence who are yet to have their illness acknowledged?

Bone is living tissue that generally renews and heals itself without any complications. In Paget’s disease, this mechanism is aberrant and effects on the structure of every bone that has Paget’s. People who have Paget’s disease can sometimes have no symptoms, however, at the other end of the scale, it can be a highly painful and crippling condition.

What Is Paget? Is It An Illness?

Under normal circumstances, new bone tissue continually replaces the old one through a process called remodelling. But Paget’s disease of bone hinders the natural cycle of bone renewal, and ultimately, bones weaken and distort. There are no specific signs of Paget’s disease save bone soreness, and later on, deformities and fractures.

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It is often detected by chance by an x-ray, blood test, bone scan, and medication may be offered for bone discomfort. Having family members with the condition, and age, make us more prone to have it too. January 11th is about promoting awareness among health professionals, as not all general practitioners have experience when it comes to Paget’s disease.

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The condition might impact either one or two sections of your body or be more extensive. Many persons who suffer from the sickness do not experience other than bone pain. According to Medlineplus,other symptoms may include damage to cartilage, strain on the nerves, headaches or hearing loss, hip pain or increasing curvature of the spine.

History Behind Cause

Sir Paget, who was the surgeon to Queen Victoria, first came across the bone condition in 1877, according to National Health Services (NHS) (NHS). On January 11, 2019, the 205th anniversary of the doctor’s birth, the first annual Paget’s Awareness Day was held.

n 1973, Ann Stansfield created the Paget’s Association in an effort to fund research so that her husband, Alf, might receive better treatment for his condition. Stansfield indicated three key purposes for forming the group, one of which was to promote knowledge about the disease among health professionals and the public.

The first Paget’s Awareness Day was conducted on January 11, 2019, which was also the 205th anniversary of Sir Paget’s birth. On this day each year, members in the Paget’s Association and its community are encouraged to wear blue and do at least one modest thing to alert the world about this agonising condition.

How To Celebrate Paget’s Awareness Day?

Just like many other awareness initiatives, Paget’s Awareness Day also have a specific set of acts which demonstrates your greatest griefness for all those who suffered or suffering right now as we speak.

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Rule No. 1: Wear blue

The official supporting colour for Paget’s Disease is royal blue. In your efforts to bring awareness to the public, you may boldly deck yourself out in the colour. When friends and family praise your blue ensemble, be sure to explain to them why you’ve picked that colour for the day.

Rule No. 2: Run For Paget’s

The Paget’s Association has asked for any supporters to combine a healthy habit with illness advocacy by participating in a long-distance running race exclusively devoted to the hunt for a cure for Paget’s Disease.

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Rule No. 3: Simply Talk About It

Did you know that Paget’s Disease is actually not an unusual occurrence in the human body? Not everyone with Paget’s develops symptoms. On January 11 of this year, tell a friend or family member all of these things and more. It’s possible you could run into someone who’s been personally affected.

Interesting Facts About Bones Or Paget That Everyone Should Know

  1. Adult humans have between 206 and 212 bones.
  2. The human hand, including the wrist, includes 54 bones.
  3. Arms are among the most commonly fractured bones, accounting for roughly half of all adults’ shattered bones. The collarbone is the most commonly broken bone among youngsters.
  4. Bones stop expanding in length throughout puberty. Bone density and strength will alter over the course of life, though.
  5. The only bone in the human body not related to another is the hyoid, a V-shaped bone located at the base of the tongue.
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