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Ed Sheeran Joins New York Subway Performer During The Middle Of The Song: “You Just Made My Day.”

You’re aware of what gets an adaptation of an Ed Sheeran song even more enjoyable, right? Ed Sheeran made a sudden arrival, which caught everyone off guard.

New York City musician Mike Yung can be seen performing the song Eyes Shut by the singer Ed Sheeran in a footage that was uploaded to Instagram via the account’s username @subwaycreatures.

The performance took place at the Church Street station in Brooklyn. After a few moments, Ed himself walks up from backstage and gets in on the conversation.

What A Shocking Development!

“Oh wow,” Yung exclaims as they embrace one another after Sheeran’s performance. “You just made my day.”

Sheeran yells at him, “I fucking love you,” and the other person responds in like. Sheeran sweeten the arrangement by providing Yung a pair of passes to one of his shows once the two of them had finished working on the music together.

On Tuesday, Yung posted a message on Insta in which she thanked her brother for giving her tickets and gushed about how incredible the event was. On Monday night, the British singer gave a performance at the prestigious Kings Theater Playhouse in Brooklyn, where he debuted songs off his new album.

Yung’s performances in real time from the New York City tube stations have gained him widespread attention on many occasions.

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In 2017, he took part in the competition of America’s Got Talent Season 12 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the competition. at the quarterfinals, he sang Ed Sheeran’s smash song Thinking Out Loud; a video of him performing the same tune at a tube platform has been seen in excess of five million times.

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