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Disable AdBlock ( How To Enable / Disable  Chrome Ad Blocker, Or A Chrome Extension)

Ad blockers, it is generally agreed, are a godsend for many people. If you don’t have them, you might have to wade through a sea of ads every time you want to read an article online. But there will inevitably be occasions when you need to temporarily turn off the ad blocker.

disable adblock

How often do you try to load a page, only to be met with an adblocker complaint? Anybody is susceptible to this happening to them. Some sites rely on advertising revenue and may demand that you disable adblocking software or pay a subscription fee if you want to access their content. 

You’ll need to turn off your ad blocker in these cases. In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn off ad-blocking software and keep enjoying the content you love.

How To Disable Ad Blocker On Chrome

If a website is deemed to be spammy by Google Chrome, the browser will automatically disable the ad blocker and prevent you from visiting the site. Chrome may prevent you from seeing content on a website if there are too many advertisements or walls in the way. It can prevent ads from playing automatically.

However, there are times when you won’t be able to access sites due to Chrome’s ad blocker. We’ll now demonstrate how to turn it off globally. Once you’re ready to see advertisements again, you can turn on the ad blocker again.

  1. First, launch Chrome.
disable adblock On Chrome
  1. Next, select See More in the upper right.
  1. Turn on your device’s configurations in Step 3.
  1.  Next, select Security and privacy.
  1. Once you get there, click Site Settings.
  1. Follow this by selecting Ads from the list of “Additional content settings” in step 6.
  1. If a site displays annoying or false advertisements, click the Blocked button.

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You can easily switch this back to normal by going through the steps outlined above and ending with the activation of Blocked for the sites that you find to be particularly prone to displaying annoying advertisements.

Ad blocking can also be temporarily turned off for individual websites. If you are familiar with the locations in advance, it may be more convenient. Keeping the ad blocker activated for use on other websites is perfectly fine.

How To Disable Ad Blocker On Firefox

Firefox provides its users with a high level of security. It’s great that this is happening, but it may block access to some sites if it falsely suspects they contain malware. Here’s how to disable Ad Block in Firefox if you’ve already installed it:

  1. Step 1: Fire up Firefox.
  1. Two hit the Firefox tab.
disable adblock on Firefox
  1. When the drop-down menu appears, select Extensions.
  1. Wait a few seconds for the Add-ons Manager to load.
  1. From here, select Add-ons.
  1.  Choose your ad blocker, in this case, AdBlocker Ultimate, and then click the Disable button.

So there you have it. You have disabled Ad Block, but the extension remains. If you ever find that you need it again, all you have to do is switch it on. In contrast, removing the Ad Block extension from your browser is accomplished by selecting Remove rather than Disable.

How To Disable Ad Blockers On An iPhone

For whatever reason, if you find yourself needing to turn off ad blockers on your iPhone, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. First, you need to go to your device’s settings.
  1. Second, launch Safari.
  1.  Navigate to the Settings page and click General.
  1. Click the “Block Pop-ups” button to remove it from active status.

So long! Once again, you are free to reconsider at any time. To undo this change, simply access Safari’s preferences.

How To Disable Ad Blockers On An Android

Chrome is the most popular browser for Android, and it has good security features to protect users from malicious content online. But what if the safeguards slow down your computer and prevent you from visiting some sites? Ad-blocking software is turnable off.

disable adblock on an Android
  1. First, launch Chrome.
  1.  Select the menu option (three dots in upper right corner).
  1. Step 3: Open Chrome’s preferences.
  1. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and select the Advanced option.
  1. Select the Configure site option.
  1. Ads, pop-ups, and page re-directs will appear after you scroll to sentence number six.

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  1. Tap both of them.

So long! Pop-Ups and advertisements must be activated. To turn off blockers, you need to select more than just “Ads.” You can easily re-enable ad-blocking at any time by opening the settings and tapping Pop-Ups and Ads again.

FAQs – People Also Ask

How do I know if I have an ad blocker on my computer?

In your digital device

The presence of the AdBlock icon in the browser’s toolbar is a quick indicator of the extension’s presence. Similar to our logo, which features a white hand inside a stop sign, the AdBlock icon features a stop sign.

Where is preferences in Chrome menu?

Situating Chrome’s Preferences

Chrome’s settings can be accessed in one of two ways: either by clicking the three dots in the top right of the address bar and selecting Settings or by directly entering chrome:/settings.

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