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Clash Royale Update Release Date & Time 2022

Since the October 2022 Clash Royale update release date and time are getting close, it will probably be to your benefit to know when the update will be available.

I mean, I have no doubt that a large number of dedicated players will be interested in learning when they may begin enjoying the newly added content. The delivery of two brand-new cards is certainly nothing to scoff at. So, shall we find out when the newest update for Clash Royale will become available, shall we?

When Does Clash Royale Update Come Out?

On October 26, 2022, Clash Royale will receive its next update, however when exactly that update will go live is currently unknown. Because the date is the only piece of information provided in the blog post outlining all of the changes made in the update, all we can do is speculate. Typically, this game’s update schedule rolls out at 5 AM PST / 8 AM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When Does Clash Royale Update Come Out?

There have been outliers, but generally speaking, this period of time has been the most stable. If my calculations are correct, that’s equivalent to 2 PM in Central Europe, 1 PM in the United Kingdom, and 11 PM in Australia. From there, you can deduce the answer for yourself. Launch times are, once again, my best guess based on historical data. To find out if I’m correct, we’ll have to wait.

So, that’s when you can expect the next Clash Royale update to be released, or at least when it’s most likely to be released. New content is coming, with the two new cards serving as the primary impetus. At 6500 Trophies, the first new Champion, the Monk, will become available on the Trophy Road.

It has a devastating three-hit combo that drives foes back, and its special ability, Pensive Protection, lessens harm dealt to the Monk and close allies. Also, it can deflect rockets and other high-velocity projectiles. The Phoenix appears as the second card.

When destroyed, it retreats into an egg after exploding and dealing area damage. Phoenixes are able to respawn with full health if their eggs aren’t destroyed in time. The link above provides further details on the upgrade.

Clash Royale New Update Leaks And Info

Supercell has shared a lot more information about the upcoming season of Clash Royale than just the release date. The game will be called Champions and include legendary characters as playable combatants.

Clash Royale New Update Leaks And Info

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These Champions are the latest and greatest additions to Clash Royale, and they are the most rare of any cards currently available. The Archer Queen, the Golden Knight, and the Skeleton King are the currently confirmed Champions.

One Champion is all you can have in your deck at any given time due to their immense power. A challenger, however, will find themselves wiped off quickly. If you want to get your hands on a Champion as soon as possible after reaching level 11, now is the time to put in the grinding time.

Many additional changes and improvements have been made as well. Your towers can now be upgraded to the level 14 maximum. Adjustments have been made such that Star Points are now available to players at Kingdom Level 6. Also, the shop has been updated with a lot of new chests to buy, and there has been a rush on gold with a Champion theme.

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