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Best Online Rewards ( Want To Create A Successful Rewards Program )

Once upon a time, loyalty programs were simple to manage. At least, that’s how it worked for me. On the whole, I found out about new loyalty programs from the cashiers at my preferred stores or from the store flyers that appeared in my Sunday paper.

 However, those times have passed permanently. Since I now do most of my shopping online, I’ve had to adapt to new ways of finding deals in the digital world.

Staying on top of all your rewards programs can be a lot to handle. More and more stores are launching their own versions of these loyalty programs online, and others are updating their existing ones to compete. 

best online rewards

When I first started doing a lot of online shopping, my go-to online rewards programs could be counted on one hand. Now I’d need a whole spreadsheet just to keep track of the ones I use, let alone my favorites.

However, this is what we call a “good problem to have” if you’re a shopper because it means you have more opportunities to find deals than ever before. In an effort to maintain some semblance of order.

 I have compiled a list of the most beneficial loyalty programs available to online shoppers. The only way you’ll save money with these apps is if you actually use them.

The Overall Best Online Rewards Program For Digital Shoppers

The idea behind a digital shopper rewards program is straightforward: participants earn bonus cash for making purchases online. This bonus cash can be earned in the form of discounts at checkout or points that can be redeemed for gift cards at a later date.

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Now, I don’t know if you’re the type who likes to maximize rewards like I am, but when I shop online, I usually use several different reward programs. Even so, there is one that stands out from the crowd.


When it comes to digital shopping rewards programs, Shopkick is without a doubt my favorite. It makes every online purchase into a thrilling quest for virtual currency called “kicks.” It’s dead simple to use, and the “games” you have to play involve things you do every time you shop online. 

best online rewards Shopkick

Shopkick is an incentive shopping app that doesn’t cost anything to download. You can earn points in a variety of ways, such as by downloading the app and then shopping at one of the supported online stores. If you want more excitement, watch a video about a product.

But it also has a vibrant online community of people who use it and are happy to share advice on everything from where to find the best deals to how to rack up the most “kicks.” While seemingly insignificant, the impact is enormous.

A Sampling Of Online Rewards Programs For Digital Shoppers

The proliferation of online marketplaces has greatly expanded consumer choice. What I mean is that we have a lot of leeway in deciding what to buy, where to buy it from, how quickly we want it delivered, and which online rewards programs to enroll in to get the most bang for our buck. 

It’s important to have a reference to some of the best online rewards programs because they’ve been around for a while (not to brag, but I remember first discovering them in 2007!)

Some of my other favorite books are:


Similarly, Drop is an app that gives users points when they shop at any of a select group of online stores. It’s easy because you just buy stuff and rack up points. 

best online rewards Drop

However, using Drop does require some planning because it requires users to choose which stores they want to earn points from during a given period. There are usually many different stores from which to choose, but narrowing it down to just five can be challenging.

The amount of points you receive for each dollar spent varies widely from store to store. It’s possible to rack up ten points online at one megastore versus only eight at another. 

Therefore, I usually take all this information into account when choosing my five stores. When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards to use for future purchases.


Cash back is available through Ebates at over 1,800 different online merchants. My experience with Ebates has shown that I can save an average of 5% on my online purchases by using their service, and as much as 20% in some cases. I’m positively giddy when that occurs; you should see me now!

best online rewards Ebates

Ebates is fairly easy to use, just like the rest of the best online rewards programs for digital shoppers on our list today. Shopping is as simple as searching for your preferred retailer, clicking the “shop now” link, and entering your payment information. 

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Useful for those who shop on Amazon, as it offers discounts of up to 6% in some departments. You can’t make fun of that! Ebates is a bit slower than some other sites when it comes to paying out, as it does so only once every three months, provided that you have at least $5 in your account. Still, it’s a virtue to be patient.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Can I use reward points to pay SBI credit card bill?

Can I use my SBI Card Rewards to settle my overdue balance? Using your accumulated Reward Points as payment is an option.

How effective are rewards programs?

Loyalty programmes are among the most useful methods available to marketers because of the many outcomes they can generate. One of the studies we ran found that, if executed properly, loyalty programmes can account for as much as 20% of a company’s net income.

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