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Bella Ramsey: Is She A Lesbian? The Lesbian Plot Line Is One She’s Quite Enthusiastic About, She Says!

The lesbian relationship plotline that will reportedly be featured in The Last of Us’ second season has had Bella Ramsey very excited.

So far, the post-apocalyptic show has largely followed the plot of the computer game it is adapting.

Assuming this trend continues, next season may take inspiration from the sequel to the game and have a plot in which Ramsey’s protagonist, Ellie, has an abusive romance with her sidekick, Dina.

Throughout the game, Ramsey and the player embark on a mission for vengeance that takes them to Seattle, Jackson, and Santa Barbara.

“I’m extremely eager, to be truthful, for the Ellie/Dina tale,” the actor said on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast.

How Important Was This?

Someone has done a wonderful — I don’t sure what they are doing — like a beautiful edit of only the gaming, such as Ellie and Dina’s love story, and I’ve seen it. For that reason, I can’t wait to act it out.

The actress also spoke about how the five-year gap between the events in the initial and second game has affected the relationship among Ellie and Joel (represented by Pedro Sen in the TV series).

She expressed interest in delving into “the complexities of her connection with Joel as it grows progressively more complex,” which Ramsey described as something she was looking forward to. Also, the opportunity to potentially experiment with such extreme violence in a completely risk-free setting is exciting. You’ll dig it. Yet I’m worried about it, too.

She summed it up as “very sad,” which, given the first season’s climax, isn’t hard to fathom.

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Bella Ramsey Warns That The Audience Only Has To “Get Accustomed To It.”

HBO Max’s programme is based on a computer game that included openly homosexual and queer characters and relationships, in case you weren’t aware. The creators of the recently released film The Last of Us appear to be doing the same thing with their stories.

For instance, in the third episode, Bill and Frank’s relationship was presented as an openly gay one. And that’s not even everything.

Bella Ramsey is a nonbinary person who identifies as a woman, yet her character on the programme is a lesbian. A transgender character, Lev, will also make their debut on Pedro Pascal’s post-apocalyptic series.

The former Game of Thrones actress talked about the homophobic outrage that the final season of Us received following the third episode in a new interview in GQ UK magazine, saying that audiences will just have to “get used to” it.

I’m not worried about it too much,” she said. I’m quite aware that people will form whatever opinions they please. Yet, they will need to adjust to the new normal.

You’re missing out if you don’t tune in to the show, and it’s your own fault if the show’s gay plot lines or trans character put you off. I won’t let it frighten me. Telling the magazine, “I feel this springs from a position of defiance,” Ramsey elaborated on his theory.

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It Has Been Announced That Season 2 Of The Last Of Us Is Going To Be Released

HBO has picked up The Last of Us for a second season. As of right now, the show has a 97% approval numbers on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Executive producer Neil Druckmann stated in a statement, “I’m thrilled, honoured, and honestly overwhelmed with the amount of people have turned in and engaged with our recounting of Joel and Ellie’s journey.

As a result of working wit Craig Mazin, our fantastic cast and crew, and HBO, the project far beyond my highest hopes. Season 2 gives us the incredible opportunity to do it all over again! Thank you very much from everybody at Naughty Dog and PlayStation!

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Bella Ramsey mentioned in the interview that she had visited the writer’s room for season 2 of The Last of Us and that the show would remain faithful to the narratives of the video game.

It’s possible that Ellie, played by Ramsey, would develop romantic feelings for a character called Dina in the following season. The actor expresses a wish that HBO will keep Ellie’s sexual orientation intact.

The messiness of their first encounter hasn’t dampened the strength of their friendship as the story goes through happy times, scary times, and sad times alike.

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Cold-hearted Joel (Pedro Pascal) is the protagonist of The Last of Us. He is tasked with delivering Ellie to the Fireflies, a group of militia members, so that they can use her apparent resistance to the infection to create a vaccine.

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