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A Democrat From New York Is Proposing A Ban On Keeping Elephants, Kangaroos, And Other Exotic Animals As Pets

After years of controversy over a Long Island business trading sloths and kangaroos, new legislation has been presented that would make it illegal for New Yorkers to keep exotic animals.

Sen. Monica Martínez (D-Long Islands), the bill’s proponent, told The Post that keeping wild animals as pets is “not only unethical, but a general populace and safety problem.”

The unique traits of these animals necessitate a very particular habitat in order to thrive. The red kangaroo, for example, may now reach a height of 6 feet and a weight of 200 pounds, so these animals are getting bigger and bigger,” she remarked. Sloths are nocturnal by design, with poor vision and hearing throughout the day.

Please Lend A Hand To These People!

cute baby Australian Koala Bear , Sydney, Australia

Although Martinez said there was “substantial support” for the initiative among her Assembly colleagues, no one has yet stepped forward to sponsor it.

“Companion animals” like lions, tigers, or brown bears are currently illegal to own as pets under state law, despite the fact that other pets may be owned.

Hyenas, rhinos, elephants, kangaroo, dolphins, whales, seals, marine mammals, narwhals, emus, ostriches, armadillos, and capybaras would all be outlawed if the bill gets passed the legislature and is enacted by Governor Kathy Hochul.

There would be an exemption for zoos and animal shelters in the proposed ban. New Yorkers rarely, if ever, take in certain animals as pets; nonetheless, some curious locals have acquired a handful of the others.

In 2015, a kangaroo that escaped from the same house where a zebra had gotten loose and wandered into traffic the year before was spotted hopping around Staten Island.

The man informed The Post that “the Health Department” had questioned him about the zebra’s whereabouts when they first arrived. And I said, ‘I don’t have to tell anyone anything concerning the zebra. That’s not where it is.'”

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There, In Their Native Habitat, They Will Thrive

Australian Koala Bear with her baby, Sydney, Australia grey bear

In the wrong circumstances, some wild creatures can become dangerous. A inebriated Englishman who scaled the fence into an emu sanctuary last year was met with severe pecking from the resident emus.

When the driver throws a flurry of kung fu punches and kicks, the emu ducks its neck to avoid getting hit and stabs the driver in the chest and forehead.

A little girl from Michigan had her pet store fantasy of snuggling one of the sluggish beasts transformed into a gruesome reality last month when she was bitten by a sloth.

Humane Long Island president and anthrozoologist John Di Leonardo, who is in favour of the new legislation, has argued that it should come as no surprise that horrible incidents may arise when people focus on adorable things like furriness while ignoring clear hazards.

Sloths, according to Di Leonardo, are lonely wild creatures with 4-inch nails and vicious teeth who are at home in the tropical rainforest.

He voiced similar worries about Urban Dwellers who would daydream about engaging in playful banter with a hyena, taking an elephants for a spin through the city, or even stationing an anteater to keep an eye on the kitchen.

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They Have Inadequate Housing And Shelter

He continued, “These are incredibly hazardous creatures, and our conventional shelters are not suited to care for these creatures when people discover how hazardous they are as well as how sick they are to look for these animals.”

Local authorities in Suffolk County, which includes state Sen. Martinez’s district, have tried for years to shut down Operations Encounters Long Island, but to no avail.

Sloths and kangaroos, two notoriously lazy furballs, may be purchased from the firm for as much as $7,000 and $5,000, respectively, but only from persons who can provide a proper environment for them.

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Although pushing back against the pending bill that might put an end to his trade of exotic pets for good, he stated to The Post on Tuesday, “Good private ownership implies nice private possession, and if you match the qualifications to be a decent owner, why shouldn’t you do it?”

To which he continued, “It’s all bulls-t,” emphasising that sloths make “wonderful pets.”

Elephants in captivity, including those in zoos, have been proposed for a ban in New York City, therefore this state proposal comes at the same time. ‘The more common sense creatures we can get included to this, the better,’ he remarked.

Nobody, obviously, should have a whale or even a sea lion as a pet. These creatures are inherently wild, and keeping them as pets causes them considerable distress and puts the public at risk, he explained.

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Although it is highly unlikely for anybody to bring an elephant into their home, Di Leonardo just said that the state’s ordinance is a positive move to avoid calamities in the event for anyone to bring such an animal into their home.

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