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A 5-Year-Old Autistic Boy Who Vanished Without A Trace Is Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare.

On Monday, a quasi autistic Pre-K child was discovered frozen and alone on a way to school in a parking garage, and over 2 hours after he had been scheduled to be left off at his house in Jersey City.

His worried mother wants to know more before she sends him back to the bus stop.

As reported by Chinasia McNeill to The Jersey Journal, her son Kyrie, age 5, was located around 5 p.m. after she recommended the transport company search the bus parked inside the JR Transport parking area on Johnston Avenue.

McNeill stated her son “screamed, wailed, trembled, just screamed at me as he said, ‘I want to go home!'”

This Is Worse Than Any Other Nightmare I’ve Ever Had

School district authorities said that they had terminated their contract with JR Transportation due to the dismissal of the driver and an aide who were responsible for searching the bus after pupils were dropped off.

More than $4.7 million will be paid to JR Transportation, one of three bus firms contracted either by Jersey City School District to operate 59 bus routes.

The mother claims that her son, who was already one of the most susceptible students in the district, has changed significantly since the incident. Nor had he returned to the classroom.

By this morning, he was sobbing and wailing, “I cannot stand to take the bus!” even as bus pulled up (Wednesday). I refuse to board the bus!

McNeill said she was attempting to make him a consultation with a therapist because she didn’t think he understood the severity of the situation, but that he just didn’t want to ride the bus.

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When asked for comment, JR Transportation staff members remained silent. According to Jersey City Superintendent Norma Fernandez, “must inspect the chairs to make sure pupils aren’t falling asleep and just being left behind.” She also mentioned that police were looking into the matter.

Watch for toddlers before getting off the bus, reads a notice in huge red letters on a wall at JR Transportation.

McNeill wants answers as to how this occurred since he is upset with the transit authority and the school system.

McNeill stated, “The school didn’t give me any explanation, noone ever gave me an explanation.” A teacher did come forward, but county authorities did not.

She questioned if the bus business performed identity checks before hiring new employees, saying, “I don’t know if the check these people’s IDs so when bus company recruits them.”

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This Is Where The Tragedy Begins

A School 30 kid named Kyrie is rumoured to be returning to her house at approximately 2:45 p.m. Kyrie’s bus reportedly arrived at her Seaview Avenue school at 3:40 p.m., 40 minutes late. Kyrie’s mother complained that the school never contacted them to let them know that the bus would be late.

McNeill claims that at roughly the same time, her brother’s friend called her to tell her that Kyrie had still not returned home. When Kyrie didn’t return at 4, her mother began to worry.

According to McNeill, school administrators tried to track down the bus after she reported it missing at Building 30, where she attended class.

They eventually called a JR Airport security guard, who informed them that the parking area had been locked, all buses were returned, as well as all drivers & helpers have gone home. A mother would have thought that hour and a half was an eternity.

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“I was trembling; I was afraid,” she admitted. I was afraid the bus driver had abducted my son and run away with him. I had no idea if I’d ever be reunited with my son. To me, an hour is an aeon. My thoughts were all over the place, and I had no idea what to do.

Kyrie was spotted sleeping on one of the buses by the security guard. McNeill’s initial relief has evolved into frustration.

McNeill stated of the Apple Id Tag she purchased “so no one will miss Kyrie in the future,” “It’s crazy that I’m able to put a monitor on my kid to understand where they are.”

McNeill, a new mother of six months, has expressed interest in filing a case.

This business needs to be shut down immediately, she remarked. Imagine how many additional children have been affected if this occurred to my child. How is it that any old driver can get behind the wheels of a bus carrying special needs kids?

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According to McNeill, she proceeded to School 30, where administrators made attempts to locate the missing bus. The JR Transportation lot was locked, all the busses had returned, and the drivers with aides had all gone home by the time they reached a security guard, who answered the phone.

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