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Insta360 Launches The X3 With 5.7K 360 Capture (Capture 5.7K 360 Video With Active HDR)

Insta360, a camera manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, released its newest model, the X3, a 360-degree action camera, on September 8. In China, you can purchase this item for $2,998 (about $432).

The X3 is capable of recording 360-degree videos at 5.7K resolution, and users can then use the Insta360 app’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools to edit their content using intuitive reframing techniques to create visual magic.

Both the front and back of the X3 are outfitted with 1/2.3-inch 48MP sensors, allowing it to capture 72MP images. A single-lens mode is available as well. 

Insta360 Launches the X3 with 5.7K 360 Capture

When using a single lens, the X3 is capable of recording 4K video at 30 frames per second, and 2.7K images at 170 degrees in the widest setting. With just one lens, the X3 can mimic a traditional motion camera and record first-person POV scenes of action.

The new gadget has a super-large tempered glass touch screen of 2.29 inches, making it possible to view photos and videos without the need to connect to a smartphone and vastly improving the convenience of using the device’s touch interface. 

The gadget also features multiple buttons for actualizing vibration feedback.

Product Lines

Action Cameras

Among Insta360’s action cameras are the ONE (as well as the ONE X, ONE R, and ONE X2), GO (and its successor, GO 2), and ONE series. 

In post-production, the ONE series editors “reframe” the 360-degree footage to create a standard, two-dimensional video. All of these cameras use Insta360’s patented “FlowState Stabilization” method of image stabilization.

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Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360

The 1-Inch 360 Edition, released in June 2022, was the first 360 camera to feature dual 1-inch sensors and the first 360 camera to be co-engineered with Leica. 

Insta360 Launches ONE RS 1-Inch 360

The 1-inch 360 lens provides unprecedented low-light performance and 360-degree image quality. In addition to the upgraded lens, the 1-Inch 360 Edition adds a Vertical Battery Base and a Mounting Bracket for stable photography.

The ONE RS Core inside the 1-Inch 360 Edition is the same one found in the 4K Boost Lens, 1-Inch Wide Angle Lens, and 360 Lens. The 1-Inch 360 Lens, along with a battery and a mounting bracket, is available as part of an upgrade bundle for ONE RS owners.


JK Liu, the current CEO of Insta360, met his future business partners while attending Nanjing University to major in computer science. While at a concert, Liu realized the potential of 360 and set out to create products with which to document and share experiences of that magnitude.

While Liu’s initial offering was a live-streaming app for smartphones, he quickly diversified the company’s offerings with the creation of an attachment that transforms a smartphone into a 360-degree camera.

Liu and his colleagues founded Insta360 in Shenzhen in 2015 after realizing the existing market standard for 360-degree cameras did not meet their needs. 

Later on, Insta360 realized the potential of 360 videos extended far beyond that of standard 360 videos, and the company began developing a novel action camera called the 360 action camera, which employs 360 videos as a tool to create conventional, flat-framed content. That was the case with the original ONE model, Insta360 ONE.

Insta360 History

Insta360 has grown rapidly since then, with 500 employees spread across its Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin locations.

In 2020, Insta360 and Leica formed a strategic partnership to co-manufacture the ONE R 1-Inch Edition. 

Since then, ONE R has been lauded by TIME as a top innovation for 2020. The introduction of Insta360 cameras into Apple retail locations in over 100 countries marks a significant milestone for the company.

NASA won an Emmy in 2018 for its use of Insta360 Pro. And Pro 2 to broadcast the landing of the InSight Mars Lander from mission control. At the 2021 Mars landing of the Perseverance rover. NASA once again used Insta360 Pro 2 to broadcast live from mission control.

Aerial Cameras

Insta360 Sphere

Insta360 Sphere, available starting in May 2022, is a 360-degree camera that locks onto the Mavic Air 2/2S. And provides higher-quality video capture than previous onboard cameras. 

The camera records in 5.7K 360, and users can change the view and orientation of the camera afterward. The drone can be hidden from view in the 360-degree video by attaching a camera to it. The Insta360 app, which is compatible with both Android. And Apple devices, has AI-powered features that Sphere users can use to edit their videos.

The app is designed to work with the Insta360 ONE X2, ONE R, and GO 2 cameras. You can edit 360 and flat framed content in the Insta360 app, and then export it to share or save. 

Insta360 Sphere Aerial Cameras

Insta360’s “Shot Lab,” which includes editing tools and AI-assisted templates, simplifies 360 editings and facilitates 360 creative techniques. The app also features a community tab where users can talk shop. And view content made by other users using Insta360 cameras.

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You can make your own 360-degree videos with Insta360 Studio, a free program available for both Mac and Windows computers.

 Video captured with Insta360 consumer cameras. The ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, ONE, GO 2, GO, EVO. And Nano S can be edited with this software. In September of 2021, a new interface was released to make project management simpler.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is the GoPro or Insta360 better?

A GoPro Max camera can capture footage in 5.6K resolution, resulting in recordings with stunning detail and accurate colors. It supports 1080p live streaming as well. The Insta360 One X2 allows for more in-depth video recording. You have the option of shooting in 5.7K, 4K, or even 3K.

Is Insta360 good for photos?

However, the Insta360 is the only camera that can record both 360 and conventional videos, and while it isn’t the best at either, it does a decent job of both. A camera that can be separated into smaller parts. Magnificent 360-degree video and still photography with superb stabilization. One of the most promising candidates for the best 360-degree camera in 2020.

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