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Grandma Ruled Competent To Stand Trial In Nyc For Stabbing Granddaughter, 7

After repeatedly stabbing her granddaughter, who was age 7, with a kitchen knife, a grandma was taken into custody and charged with attempting to murder her granddaughter.

On a Tuesday, police in New York The city’s Bronx were dispatched to the house of a 7-year-old child who had been accused of being knifed many times by her mother’s grandma with a kitchen knife.

In the words of WABC, police discovered the young woman unresponsive on the bed of her flat, and she was subsequently rushed to Lincoln Hospital.

The Psychological Counterargument Claims What?

The officer was hiding with the girl when he suddenly ran out. They own land that is adjacent to other homes. Ana Martinez, a witness, said, “So we had been watching that he walked out sprinting” to WABC after the event. The police cruiser was literally in the immediate vicinity of my house. So he immediately placed her inside the police vehicle. He left before the ambulance arrived.

A suspect identification led to the arrest of the girl’s grandmothers, 65-year-old Mariza Yauger, who was later charged alongside murderous intent, tried to killing someone, violence, unlawful being in possession of a firearm, reckless danger, and compromising the welfare of an infant, as reported by WABC.

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The child was stabbed with an unknown object at 1317 Clinton Avenue in Morrisania around 8 a.m., according to cops.

“I’m an elderly lady myself,” said China Aponte, a WABC listener and neighbour. I just don’t know what to say. That’s the worst news. Really, it’s just really tragic. How tragic.

According to WABC, the girl’s uncle said that she had surgery and is now doing well in the hospital. The attack’s motivation has yet to be determined.

The mental defense, additionally referred to as the psychological condition defense, is a type of affirmative defence by excuse used in criminal cases to argue that the defendant should not be held criminally liable because they were suffering from a mental illness at the time of the alleged offence.

In contrast, a provocation excuse would find the defendant at least somewhat at fault but with less liability due to a transitory mental state.

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More Than A Dozen Times, Yauger Stabbed Her Grandchild

There were apparently over thirteen knife wounds to the grandchild’s throat and left chest from the grandmother’s attack. It has been reported by the police that the child would survive despite her injuries.

According to News 12 The Bronx, Yauger’s nephew discovered his sister-in-law, who had been visiting her maternal grandmother at the precise moment of the attack and lives with her grandparents in New Jersey, was discovered hemorrhaging on a bed.

The girl’s sibling, aged four, was also present but unharmed, police said. She recovered the blade the suspect is accused of using to attack her granddaughter.

Locals recalled the grandma treating her child like a princess at a nearby hair salon and lavishing her with snacks and gifts. Maria Castillo, who a hair stylist at the business, said, “She cherished her grandchild.

“When the granddaughter came around, I asked, ‘Why you give her everything?” ‘I have two sons,’ she proclaimed. There is no daughter in my family. Castillo declared his adoration for his grandchild. That’s why I tell them, “I give her everything.”

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The child’s grandma allegedly attacked her at 8 a.m., stabbing her multiple times in the stomach, neck, and back, as reported by the police.

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