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A Suspect In The Brazen New York City Store Killing Has Been Apprehended, And Police Say This Is The Suspect’s Second Homicide In 30 Hours

In conjunction with the execution-style murder of a 36-year-old victim at a Harlem smoking shop, police have detained a 21-year-old guy. According to them, this wasn’t even his initial killing during the weekend.

The NYPD announced on Tuesday that Manhattan resident Messiah Nantwi was successfully arrested on counts of manslaughter and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with the brazen photographing.

Which took place in front of a group of around half a dozen scared witnesses in a smoke shop on Lenox Avenue on Sunday night.The entire incident was recorded by the shop’s cameras.

The same individual was arrested and charged attempted murder in an East Harlem, New York, shooting on the afternoon of Saturday, the NYPD announced Tuesday.

A 19-year-old received a gunshot in the forehead in that instance near East 132nd Street and Madison Avenue. The victim’s death was confirmed at a hospital while it was still light out, just before 4 p.m. It was unclear what had happened.

The Crime Rate Has Skyrocketed Recently

The NYPD on Tuesday released the victim’s name as Brandon Brunson, a resident of Brooklyn. a combination of police and security footage, the horrific events of Sunday began with an altercation between him and Nantwi.After allegedly shooting Brunson in the back of the head.

Nantwi supposedly saw him move and discharged again before leaving the business nonchalantly. Police said they located Nantwi thanks to a tip sent through CrimeStoppers.

His arrests from the shootings over the weekend are not the first of their kind. The NYPD has identified Nantwi as the suspect who shot at them during their graffiti stop in Feb of 2021.

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Nantwi was only 18 years old. The indictment states that Nantwi shot at a police officer and the sergeant three times, drawing a counter fire of 31 bullets that struck him multiple times.

The then-18-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with attempting to murder a member of law enforcement. The police officers escaped unharmed. Nantwi had been shot numerous times and was receiving treatment in a hospital.

Criminal justice reformers speculated that the lives of Nantwi’s two alleged victims would still be in danger had he been granted bail.

We have been warning New Yorkers for generations that criminals who are willing to assault police officers in the city will not hesitate to target innocent civilians.

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According to Pat Lynch, head of the Metropolitan Benevolent Association, “unfortunately, the situation at hand illustrates that.

We just cannot keep releasing violent offenders onto the community at large. Police officers and the people they protect are in danger. Either way, the new incident has made locals sick of the constant threat of violence.

Why they are prohibited from speaking it out, I don’t know. Why must you all be at war with one another? said one saddened female. Don’t bother with this. There needs to be calm now. People need to band together at times.

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Harlem Was The Scene Of The First Recorded Fatality

On Sunday, an audience member was shot and killed in a Harlem smoke store. The unidentified 36-year-old victim, according to law enforcement officials, was shot in the forehead and back.

The shooter and the victim reportedly got into an argument right before the shooting inside the smoke business located at 304 Lenox Ave.

New York Post claims that witnesses saw the shooter and victim chatting for an extended period while bystanders looked on. As the 36-year-old victim was leaving the store, the assailant opened fire, striking him in the head. The victim dropped on the ground after being shot, but continued to move as the assailant fired another bullet into his back.

The shooter strolled out of the store after the incident, as evidenced by CCTV cameras. Police say he wore all black as he ran away.

A tobacco store was robbed by a masked man on Sunday, marking the second such incident in Brooklyn in as many days. During the course of the robbery, nobody was hurt. The perpetrator, according to the NYPD, was donning a black mask and full black clothing.

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On Tuesday, reporters inquired about the current condition of the case and were told it was still “pending” by the Bronx county attorney’s office. After the defence requested a $500,000 bond, the judge lowered it to $30,000, according to the spokeswoman for Nantwi’s legal team. When exactly he was let go was unclear.

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